Dave, Fred, & Chad

One thing we're really proud of here at Sockness Builders, Inc. is that we have pretty amazing employees.  Not only are they hard workers with great attention to detail, but they are good people who our clients are happy to have working on their homes.  These guys get rave reviews all the time from clients who appreciate their friendly conversation, their excellent work, and the way they leave jobsites cleaned up just like it were their own home.  Here are some fun facts about our crew:


1. He recently went on a hunting safari in Africa.   

2. He's been to Florida, Cozumel, and Punta Cana traveling with his wife, Melissa.  

3. His favorite things to do are spend time with his family, go fishing, boating, and hunting. 


1.  He loves to cruise whether it's by ship or in his Corvette.  

2. He's an avid bowler and has bowled a perfect 300 twice. 

3. He loves spending time with his wife and family. 


1. He loves to hunt and is pretty proud to say that his biggest buck ever is a 12-pointer.  

2. He's an awesome cook and his specialties are cooking ribs and venison.  

3. His favorite means of transportation is his Harley.  

Jon Sockness + Micki Sockness

Jon and Micki are a husband and wife team who began Sockness Builders, Inc. together more than 30 years ago.  While Jon runs the day-to-day operations as the company's president, Micki handles the accounts payable and bookwork as the vice president.  Together, they love to spend time with their grandkids, go out to eat, and play cards with friends.  Here are three facts about each of them:


1.  The biggest musky he has caught to date is 47.5 inches, but he's sure that he will land a 50-incher this summer.  

2.  He likes to cook (he's pretty darn good at it) and if he weren't building houses for people, maybe he'd be a chef. 

3.  He began his career in construction by working for his dad as a teenager.  


1.  She used to own her own quilt shop and has created hundreds of quilts so far. 

2.  She has an eye for design and used to help decorate all of the Sockness Builders houses for the Parade of Homes.  

3.  She's a total animal lover and once owned 27 cats at one time... you read that right - twenty seven! 


Erin Weberpal

Erin is Jon and Micki's oldest daughter and she started working for Sockness Builders in 2011.  Her background is in marketing, and she helps out at the office by bidding out projects, creating proposals, and helping with client communications.  Here are three facts about Erin:

1.  She loves to spend time with her two little kids - Ensley (6) and Landry (4).  

2.  She also owns her own photography business, Don't Blink Photography, where she specializes in wedding and family portraits.  

2.  She can hardly go a day without an iced coffee from McDonald's.  


Judy Goth

Judy works in the office at Sockness Builders, Inc.  You've probably talked with her on the phone if you've called us.  She lives in Janesville (she's been in Wisconsin most of her life) and she's originally from La Porte, Indiana.  She loves to spend time with her kids and grandkids, her friends and their families.  Here are some fun facts. 

1.  She's been a Wisconsin Badger fan since 1958.  

2.  Her favorite hobbies are sewing, crafting, reading, traveling, and going out to eat. 

3.  She says that ever since she retired she's been busier than ever before :)  

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