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BLOG: From The Ground Up

This is me with two of my favorite people in the world!

First things first, I want to introduce myself. My name is Erin Weberpal. I’ve been working at Sockness Builders part-time since 2011 when I left my full-time marketing job to split my working hours between helping out at the Sockness Builders office and also pursuing my photography career. My parents started Sockness Builders all the way back in 1986, which also happens to be the year I was born. My childhood memories are sprinkled with those of the business… from my parents conducting late night meetings with potential clients at our kitchen table, to my sister and I playing hide-and-seek in rolls of carpet while my mom decorated houses for the Parade of Homes. Sockness Builders has always been a family business in one form or another.

When I joined the office in 2011, I knew that learning to build a house from the ground up wasn’t something that I would be able to learn overnight. I have seven years of part-time work in here and there are some days when I still don’t know how my dad and his crew can figure out and build what they do. I help how I can by bidding out projects, writing up proposals, and helping improve our client communications… all while trying to get an overall grasp on the business. I’m always left wishing that I could do more to help our clients and the business.

My littles, excited to start digging for our new house!

Then, last summer my husband and I had the opportunity to build our own new home, and I was on the client end of the industry. The light bulb moment happened when I discovered that building a new home is a lot of work – even for the client! It’s long hours of research and deciding and changing your mind, all in hopes of making sure that you don’t make any mistakes on what is most definitely the biggest purchase of your life. Even for someone in the industry, the choices are often overwhelming and that’s why I’m staring this blog. Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone who just went through the process (and has some behind the scenes knowledge of how it all works) walk you through what all goes into building? Someone to share their experiences with certain products, choices you could make, or ways that you can make your home work best for your lifestyle? That’s my hope!

My plan is to create weekly installments of this blog which focus on the steps of building a new home. It’ll just be an honest look at things you would want to know if you’re thinking of building or remodeling too. Whether you are considering having Sockness Builders complete your project or not, the information will be helpful to anyone. If you are thinking of working with us, then this will also be a great insight into how we approach our projects. If you're ready to get started, head to the next post --> Week One: How do you know if you're ready to call a builder?

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